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When You Should Consider Becoming a Small Business Boss - Shawn James

Episode Summary

Shawn James, the founder of Opulence Transportation, provides her advice on how to step out and become your own boss. Shawn mentions writing down goals helps a lot to keep you on track and revisiting those goals often is a key to progress.

Episode Notes

When I stepped out on my own I wanted to drive the larger chartered-buses but those startup costs are high. So I looked for what options I could do now, which is how I started driving SUVs. 

I got tired of hitting that glass ceiling working for someone else. I was helping them grow their business but there wasn’t any room for me to grow with them. Starting a business is a lot of work and I still do other jobs to supplement my income while the business grows. 

While I do a bit of online marketing I am finding success canvassing my area in person. One thing that is working for me is to stop by and visit with the local hotel staff. Not only were they glad to see me but I was surprised to learn my competitors weren’t doing that. 

Having my website customized so customers can make reservations online has been great and customers seem to like it too. While I am driving or working on other tasks a customer can find the service they need and reserve it right there. 


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